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More about this webcam
This webcam is in maintenance mode or temporarily not avaiable. Therefore this page is accessable but the webcam is not displayed on the map. As soon as the webcam team registers any positive change the webcam entry will be fully reactivated.


The webcam is located at in the inland in a height of 67 m NHN. The webcam image is broadcasted live (<1min or stream) and an archive is avaiable. The view on the ground to identify precipitation is not avaiable, blocked or vague. The Sky is clearly visible to see clouds and weather. In einem kleinen Cointainer auf dem Gelände des European Incoherent Scatter (EISCAT) befindet sich die "all-sky camera" des National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR). Sie bildet den gesamten Himmel ab, es können dadurch Himmelsphänomene gut beobachtet werden. Das Bild wird häufig aktualisiert.

Sunrise: UTC 04:31 CEST 06:31
Sunset: UTC 16:37 CEST 18:37

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