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How valuable are free live data for you?

The acquiring, holding and maintaining of information as well as the management of the project unfortunately cost money. Due to the private funding of the project and the management, we rely on your support. Your donation can also help to keep Meteopool completely free of advertisement, if we can adequately manage the costs without advertisement. We would appreciate, if you "donate" for Meteopool. Thank you!


You choose, how much to donate for the service of Meteopool. You can also donate small values in regular donations.

1,99 Euro = 1 month without advertisements. Please mention your Meteopool account ID so we can assign your donation!

Bank transfer

Owner: Guido Richter
Account: 1014481491
Bank number: 12030000
Bank: Deutsche Kreditbank

IBAN: DE07120300001014481491

1,99 Euro = 1 month without advertisements. Please mention your Meteopool account ID so we can assign your donation!

Small amounts (monthly) with Flattr

You can use flattr. You choose your budget, add Meteopool and we'll receive a small monthly value, depending on how many projects you are supporting beside us.

To use Flattr please download the Flattr browser plugin.

Even though I'm able to use Meteopool for free, I cannot even donate small cent values

That's not a problem. We are fairly aware, that it's impossible for everyone donating to us, even though our services are free 24-7. Maybe you are a student and you simply don't have enough money? But it may be a hurtless and helpful way of support, if you...

  • ...Add Meteopool to the exceptions of your adblocker (if used).
  • ...set a hyperlink on your website leading to us.
  • ...include our Homepage weather to your homepage
  • ...recommend Meteopool to your friends, share the site on social media or if you write an article about us (for example in your blog)
  • ...take over a task
  • webcams (and other information) to us.
  • ...make publicity all around the world.

Thank you!

What is the outcome for me?

  • You support us, so Meteopool is able to be managed without big private financial investments of the team
  • Meteopool can withstand bigger traffic during thunderstorms with better hardware
  • We cannot write a bill for your donation. Upon request, we'll list the donator by the name. Donators with bigger donation can add their homepage to the list.

The team of Meteopool thanks all previous and remaining donators for their support of a privately funded project!