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Become involved

Just looking at maps is easy. Help us or become a team member. Grow with a task.

We are always looking for freelancers and participants. Regardless if you write scripts or report webcams. Any kind of participation is welcome and required!

If you are interested in one of the tasks or a position, contact us. If desired, we write certificates or confirmations for you. A greater participation can help with the career. But the main reason should be the joy about weather. Any team gets useful tools which can be developed further by feedback and error reports. An induction is ensured. Each team member has access to the internal training center with manuals and "How to" videos. If desired, new manuals will be created in no time.

Participation, team positions, continuous tasks

Administration of webcams

Meteopool has more than 1000 webcams. These and new webcams require regular checks about the actuality and correctness of the information, so that one of most informative and precisely webcam maps in the internet can continue to shine with its quality. It's also important to fill gaps in the webcam maps with qualitative webcams. Even only the previous 1250 active webcams show, how much the administration effort and how high the decay rate will be.


The project partly offers Europe wide data and is not only addressing German stormchasers or weather maps observer. To gain international visitors and project participants, the project has to be translated into as much languages as possible.

Update/transmit miscellaneous data

Meteopool offers a high amount of different data, which can be interested for different fields of interest. No matter if information about weather stations, soundings or weather radar locations - all of those data can be displayed clearly as databases or maps, even images are highly requested. To keep the data up to date and to expand them, we are looking for team members, which take over one or more tasks. People, who already gather such data in their private time, can have an useful practice of their interest by participating at Meteopool, since the results are published to a great crowd and which are also available in combination with other data.

The following data are currently listed in the project and we would be happy about additions to our administration/team work and gathering of contents (Click on the cross for more information):

Weather stations

Weather radar stations

Radio probes ascending locations + data links ("Soundings")

Weather webcams

Please be advised that all data and media has to be your own ones! By sending the mail, you allow us the unrestricted usage on our site.

Current running projects

Our own project based GPS app "GPS2Server"

We are developing our own standalone GPS app for Android, which allows an energy saving and easy usage. The app will do nothing else than sending current GPS data to any server (also the server of Meteopool) in an energy saving and efficient way. The app will be free for Meteopool participants.

Own ideas

You your own ideas and want to lets us know about it or you want to work on them by yourself? We're open for your participation and cooperation - simply write a mail to us.

What's the outcome for me?